NTRL Holds a team building event for staff

NTRL Holds a team building event for staff

NTRL Staff in Team building activity
On Friday March 02, 2018, all NTRL staff gathered together at NTRL Butabika in a team building event aimed at fostering closer relations and enhancing engagement amongst them. The full day event was organised by the laboratory management and saw a variety of fun and engaging activities that were intended to help the staff appreciate the dynamics of team work and also be aware of the behaviours necessary to foster productivity at the work place.

Unlike other corporate team building activities that focus on sufficient relaxation, this kind of NTRL’s team building activity brought to life the theme of “Achieving attractive workplace behaviours regardless of individual differences in teams”. “The reason we decided to go this direction of such a theme is because we desire to empower all staff and train more team leaders that harness their colleagues’ unique skill sets and thus help to reduce workplace stress at a structural level”, said Denis Oola, The NTRL Operations Officer, who represented Management. He added that Management is committed to organising more of such events for its staff.

The staff was so grateful for the best offer by management at such a first quarter of the new year, and also promised to translate the knowledge and awareness gained into behaviours that will foster a productive and stress-free environment at NTRL.